Partnership To End AIDS Status

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Meet Our Youth Ambassadors

Get to know more about the people behind our organization, Partnership To End AIDS Status Inc with dedication and commitment, we continuously encourage healthy lifestyles and spread awareness of HIV/AIDS.

Our advocates understand the challenges of overcoming HIV/AIDS. However, we believe that we can do it when we take a stand together. Meet our brave ambassadors against HIV/AIDS today.

Ambassadors Stories

“I'm Aeriel Grayer and I am a 24 year old lesbian in the city of Memphis. Growing up in a very Christian household was one of the scariest thing for me. I've always knew I was different from my sisters because when they gossiped about boys, I thought about girls. I don't really have a coming up story because I don't see the point in "coming out." But in high school it was a different story.” 

“I was scared to come out because of rejection. My best friend came out to me in the 12th grade and thinking back on it, it was the perfect time to tell him. After graduating high school, I told him a week later and it was the start of a new journey. I haven't had any major homophobic moments in my life so far but the ones I have encountered I've politely respond to them that this is not a phase, if I could choose to change my life to please everyone, I wouldn't. I'm happy to be who I am and ever since I've been opened about myself it's been the best thing to ever happen to me.”

Nugene Powell Jr, Age 24

“I really didn't know anything about the same-sex until I started high school but I always knew I was different. At the age of five I been molested by a family member for a good min, I thought it was normal until he got caught and my parents sit ne down and told me that wasn't right but after that it stuck with me and I wanted more from guys than girls. My mother protected me until high school so I couldn’t act upon my urges until then.”

“My coming out story!!!!

I really don't have a coming out story I just told my family that I'm really not attracted to girls after i been molested and it just not in my system for them.

Because I carry myself as a man for nothing want happened is come about.

I hope that the African American Community can be more acceptable to the homosexual life styles and stop judging just get to know a person for who they are rather than who they are sleeping with.”

Daijah story